The JAZZmin performs 5 major tasks:

  1. It stores process data locally.
  2. It allows remote users to control the local process.
  3. It controls and monitors local processes and machines.
  4. It synchronizes the central TeleControlNet database with the local data.
  5. It sends process alarms in real time to TeleControlNet and from there it can send an alarmmessage as e-mail or sms.

Main features

  • Dedicated Programmable Logic Controller with digital and analog I/O.
  • Intelligent 2G/3G/ethernet router.
  • Large local data buffer (> 10 million data records, incl. date- and timestamp).
  • Flexible and powerful computing power.
  • Mountable on a 35 mm DIN rail or in a front panel.
  • Applicable in PLC-controlled systems, such as an HMI (WEBscada) terminal.
  • Capable of standalone operation.
  • Cost-efficient all-in-one solution for e.g. one- or two-pump installations.



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