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Aerzen rental
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Remotely monitor and manage the equipment.

Inter Act also develops customer-specific TeleControllers

Wednesday, 11 March, 2020

AERZEN RENTAL rents blowers and compressors throughout Europe.

Their equipment is used in critical processes, whereby the uptime of the equipment is essential. By adding an OEM version of our TeleController to the local compressor controls, the equipment can be monitored remotely.

By analyzing the collected data, experts can anticipate the process and if necessary change settings remotely. The service requirement can be derived from analysis of measurement data. In the extreme case of malfunction, this is reported in real time to the central service department of AERZEN RENTAL so that immediate action can be taken.

Finally, a number of administrative reports are automatically generated in TeleControlNet for the benefit of the rental administration, such as rental period, operating hours, etc.

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Aerzen rental

Example of a tunnel construction project in Karlsruhe where a new central station was built in the center of the city. Aerzen's equipment kept the tunnel under pressure so that no water entered and enough fresh air was injected for the people working there.