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TeleControlNet is a SaaS that offers industrial IoT, with functions such as WEBscada, WEB GIS, and Big Data analyses for remote installations. The installations (independent of what brand) are connected via TeleControllers also called (Edge controllers). Smart remote sensors often communicate directly via their own built-in modem.

Via the internet cloud, users can control their installations in their own TeleControlNet WEBscada or GIS domain. Furthermore, all collected data is processed by TeleControlNet into effective and understandable management information.

TeleControlNet is based on 15 years of experience in industrial automation and is the proven technology for smart cities and smart environment.

What distinguishes TeleControlNet from standard SCADA

  • Ready to use (SaaS) control system with preconfigured SCADA, WEB GIS and trending screens.
  • Integrated historical database for meta data and documents.
  • Holds 15 years of measured raw data.
  • Various built in data validation and data processing tools.
  • Preconfigured user reports, developed in 15 years of experience in the water domain.
  • Android and Apple User app, for remote control and reporting dashboards.
  • Remote installations are connected by plug-and-play, no special local expertise needed.
  • Connectable across systems, with an affordable step-by-step growth strategy.
  • Generates added value with every step.
  • Built in configurable rule-based-control module, to perform central control across locations.
  • Number of installations that can be connected is near to unlimited.
  • Remote locations are connected via secure named networks.
  • Prepared for integration of remote camera surveillance.
  • Existing installations are connected without changing PLC software.
  • Measured data is collected with very small log intervals and without interruptions.
  • All hardware is off-the-shelf based and all system software is open source based.
  • A proprietary server needs only one WEBscada© license provided by Inter Act.
  • Various data-exchange options to third party data sources.
  • Number of simultaneous users is not restricted.
  • Highly secured user interface with five authorization levels.
  • Preconfigured algorithms for predictive maintenance (in pumping stations).
  • Integrated asset maintenance reporting tool.

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