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Process Forecaster

Forecasting stoppage and events of assets
The 4caster module in TeleControlNet forecasts process events and failures. The historical asset data that is available in TeleControlNet can be processed to predict events and potential asset failures. The 4caster has standard dashboards which makes upcoming problems visible in the blink of an eye.

Prescriptive maintenance
TeleControlNet can process data to indicate maintenance requirements per object.

Used case
Currently we experiment with hundreds of mini waste water pumping stations in the Netherlands. Usually, maintenance is scheduled with yearly intervals. In the experiment TeleControlNet determines the condition of the individual pumping stations, based on data analysis (eq. current, starts, stops, vibrations, rainfall etc.). The result of the analysis indicates when there is a need for maintenance. Condition-Based maintenance extends the average maintenance interval up to 40%.

More smart asset management functions
There are more functions in development, contact us for the latest status.

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