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Example of Rule based control.
More information? LoRa pilot for a rule based irrigation concept.

Real time & Rule based control

One of the most powerful functions in TeleControlNet is Real time & Rule based control. The Rules in TeleControlNet can be compared to a conductor who is responsible for the orchestra's ensemble and who has to prevent dissonances.

What can be achieved?

The option of process control commands that are crossing location boundaries, offers the potential of efficiency improvements.

Some examples:

  • Production yields can be increased by process adjustments based on central benchmarks or process predictions.
  • Overflowing wastewater in sewer systems can be prevented by redirecting water flows and sewer infrastructure can be better utilized by smart control.
  • Energy costs can be reduced by adjusting the process control based on flexible energy tariffs.
  • Increased safety is achieved through smart alarming and emergency scenarios.

These are just a few examples, but there is much more.

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