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LoRa pilot for a rule based irrigation concept

Triggers for starting the irrigation water supply are usually given by soil moisture sensors. For a good irrigation result it is necessary to measure the moisture in the soil at different places in the fields.


To gather data from the sensors for start and stop commands for the irrigations system, they must be able to communicate via gateways, with the central TeleControlNet server. The sensors must be battery powered and communicate over considerable distance.


By applying sensors with LoRa radios of Inter Act, communication over long distances (>3 km) to TC302 LoRa gateways is possible. Because the power requirements for the radio and the sensor is low, batteries will usually hold for more than one year. The sensors with integral radio can be very compact and (re)potted in the fields. In this case, the irrigation control is also rule based. Also the water quality is measured and helps to determine whether or not, to start the irrigation system.

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