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Asset Management

Asset Management

Friday, 24 April, 2015

With our new asset management tool “@ssets” it is possible to register and analyze malfunctions, maintenance moments and inspection of objects. As the successor of RION, @ssets is suitable for practically every field of application. The possibility also exists to integrate @ssets into TeleControlNet.

@ssets provides an easy and fast way for operators to monitor the state and maintenance costs of their objects. With @ssets it is possible to enter and upload inspection and maintenance reports locally and based on convenient selection menus. Within @ssets it is possible to cooperate with multiple parties, such as suppliers, maintenance parties and of course the operators.

The reports are stored on a central server and can be accessed at a later moment. By using the different filters the desired information can be accessed and arranged with ease. This way a better insight into the state of the objects is acquired. Based on the collected historical data a better and more (cost) efficient maintenance or replacement policy can be implemented.

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