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VDI Wissensforum - Germany 2017

Presentation at the VDI Wissensforum

Woensdag, 21 - 22 Juni, 2017

Inter Act is will participate in the VDI Wissensforum conference “Networking Pump Systems” in Düsseldorf on coming 21/22 June 2017.

The conference includes subjects such as how to network your pumping systems and how to equip the network with sensors in order to ensure continuous control and monitoring. You will also learn which data the sensors should collect and what information you need to pay attention to. Topics include how to evaluate the data as well as how to derive measures for optimal process control.

Inter Act’s presentation includes:

  • Centralized Control of Decentralized Systems
  • Example Applications in the Area of Water
  • BIG Data Analysis
  • Asset Management

Date & Time: 22 June from 10:20 till 11:00 hour

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