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The sewage water balance

The sewage water balance

Storing all level measurements of a complete sewage piping system, including rainfall in the affected area, opens new perspectives for smart reporting and finding technical shortages.


How to detect measurement errors, unknown outside influences, abnormal discharge surface, leaking sewers, unknown discharges, etc. in a sewer system.


A smart water balance report can help you out. It compares the amount of sewage water in a sewage piping system at the beginning of a period with the amount of water at the end of the period. The amount of water in the system can be calculated in TeleControlNet from the level measurements in the system, and the following should apply: Water in the system at t2 is equal to t1 + water in system on total influx between t1 and t2 - total effluent between t1 and t2.

In practice, this water balance usually does not match. But just the difference found is interesting because it may indicate one of the problems mentioned above.

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