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Central monitoring & control

Central monitoring & control

In order to quickly respond to market needs, production managers must be able to view the current status of all their production processes at any time. For this purpose, process dependencies between different production locations are exchanged and also monitored and / or controlled centrally.


More and more individual production locations are taken over by consortia and fully incorporated into a larger group. All locations must then be able to exchange process information with each other. Due to the history of production locations, many different types of PLC and SCADA are used, which makes coupling an expensive business.


With its WEBscada and TeleControlNet SaaS, Inter Act has over 15 years of experience in realizing central and location-independent centralized control systems, based on open source software. By adding TeleControllers to local process controllers, data can be exchanged with the central system without modifications. On its turn, our central server can easily exchange (real-time) data with third-party systems.

Instead of replacing existing systems, our solution is also often used as an add-on for research purposes.

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