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Standard control cabine with LoRa plug-in module

Standard control cabinet for mini pumping stations

Standard control cabinet mini pump pumping stations with LoRa plug-in module

Wednesday, 4 August, 2021

Inter Act designs and realizes standard control cabinets for small pumping stations. The pumps are controlled by a JAZZ PLC, with standardized control software for single and double pumping stations.

The LoRa “easy-install” plug-in module was chosen for communication with the TeleControlNet SaaS. The module can be plugged into the add-on interface of the JAZZ PLC.

LoRa plug-in module

LoRa “easy-install” plug-in module

The module is configured for the standard Inter Act pumping station software. Trend and status data are periodically retrieved by the TeleControlNet server via the module. With the built-in UPS, the module can also detect and report power outages.

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