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Updates control amusement park attractions

Updates control amusement park attractions

Control systems of attractions at amusement parks must comply with strict safety rules. Work on such controls can therefore only be carried out by a team of experienced specialists with all the necessary experience and knowledge of safety requirements, for example a TÜV.


If systems are outdated or otherwise no longer satisfactory, they must be renovated. Adjustments to the park are often also a reason for the need for new functionality. Who is the right partner for you who can take responsibility for this?


Inter Act has extensive experience in designing new control software in close collaboration with the end user and the builder of the necessary switch cabinets. This is fully customized and meets all the strict requirements so that Tüv inspections are passed. Inter Act's engineers have the necessary technical knowledge with mechanical background and SIL & PL Tüv certification for maximum machine safety.

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