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Asset management

Assets require Capital and Operating Expenditures (CAPEX/OPEX). On top of that, process control commands that are crossing location boundaries, like Rule based control actions, require very reliable equipment and measuring devices. Changes of behavior of this equipment must be noticed by TeleControlNet immediately and at all times. This also applies to human intervention in the form of service activities on locations.

For this purpose an assets management module was developed. It offers maintenance engineers a tool to register their service and repair work in TeleControlNet. All locally gathered maintenance data is in the course of time also enriched with meta-data such as design documents, electrical diagrams, photographs, etc.

This results in a secured long term data source, with actual and historic information on all remote locations. From this source the assets management module generates both technical and financial reports.

Uploading service information

Maintenance engineers fill out preconfigured templates and upload them into the central long-term-storage database of TeleControlNet. The reports can be consulted at any time and by anyone authorized to access TeleControlNet.

Management reports

All uploaded maintenance data is processed into crystal bright reports and dashboards for Asset management purposes. Reports include information on:

  • Description of malfunctioning
  • Repair times
  • Costs
  • Depreciation of parts
  • Etc.

Forecasting malfunctioning and prescriptive maintenance

Assets must be reliable and spontaneous failures must be prevented. For this purpose, TeleControlNet can analyze long term data and provide a quality indication of assets. The results of these analyzes can be displayed daily in operator dashboards.

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