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Internet of Things boosted by LoRa

Internet of Things boosted by LoRa

The Internet of Things is pushed forwards by technologies like LoRa.

LoRa is a Long Range radio technology that enables low data rate communications to be made over long distances. It is typically laid out in a star-of-stars topology and the network is public or multi-tenant private. Bi-directional communication between endpoints and gateways is spread out on different frequency channels and data rates. The Chirp modulation technique of LoRa is ideal for applications requiring low power usage and needing relatively low data rates.

LoRa makes use of the unlicensed frequencies that are available worldwide. The most widely used frequencies / bands are: 868 MHz for Europe, 915 MHz for North America and 433 MHz band for Asia.

Lora technology has been embraced by Inter Act smart solutions. You can already build applications by using a TC302 (with embedded LoRa radio). In collaboration with partners, we can equip various types of sensors with LoRa endpoint radios. Ask for the details, and also see the case of our pilot application of a rule-based irrigation concept.

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